QuinnZone Studios is excited to be in development on several game applications at this time.
Mac platforms will include iPhone, iPad, Mac Desktop. Android platforms will include Kindle Fire, Nook Color and Galaxy Tab.

Flick A Fly is a fun 2D scrolling platform game featuring many levels and challenges.
There are three worlds: Countryside, Sky and Underground.
The goal is to reach the trophy by avoiding hazzards, such as the fly swatter.


To whet your appetite, QZ Studios has released the theme song of the game. A funky fun retro song called Flick A Fly.
It can be previewed and bought at iTunes, CDBaby and many other music download sites.


Click the picture on the left to preview the
Flick A Fly - Single in iTunes


Click the picture on the right to preview Flick A Fly - Single on CDBaby

Mike Quinn: Flick A Fly - Single

QuinnZone MixBone
is an exciting remix and artist promotion app.

Musicians and bands can send QuinnZone up to eight music stems for their single, any promotional photos, art and logos and social media links. MixBone packages their music and links into one tidy app for the artist.

A single fee is required and keeps the app on the market for twelve months. If the artist chooses to charge a fee for the app, a revenue split will be negotiated.

This is a great way for up and coming singers, songwriters, bands and musicians to market themselves and have fans directly interact with their latest song.
Also in development is a suite of complimentary apps based around QuinnZone's character Diddley Sqot.
- Diddley Sqot's Pile Of Pies
- Diddley Sqot's Guide to Cockney
- Diddley Sqot's Escape To Earth

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