To put the QuinnZone in context, it's worth noting Mike Quinn's history and past works. Below are some highlights.

From Muppeteer, Animator and Actor, to Writer, Director and Producer, Mike's journey reads like an epic fairy tale.


By bribing his way past security at age 15, he would become a familiar visitor to the Muppet Show set with his own puppets.

Although Mike was a perfomer as a child with his puppet and magic shows, it wasn't until meeting Jim Henson and the Muppet team he decided to make that his career.

In 1980, Mike's dream came true when he turned 16, Jim Henson offered him a job as Muppeteer on the second Muppet movie, The Great Muppet Caper, where he would assist him and Frank Oz with Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and all the world famous characters.

Mike was then mentored in puppet making by Bobby Payne (long time Muppet builder and school friend of Jim's) to build 100 Podlings and Slaves for The Dark Crystal. He then went on to perform one of the evil Skeksis, the Slavemaster in the film. Still a young teen, he turned 17 half way through the shoot!
Following those two movies, Mike was hired as a creature performer on the conclusion of the Star Wars Trilogy; The Return Of The Jedi.
He assisted with performing Admiral Ackbar, Sy Snootles and Jabba the Hutt, was the right hand of Yoda, played a baby Ewok, and performed the close up hand puppet version of Ree Yees.
He is however known best for performing Fan favorite Nien Nunb, Lando's alien copilot in the Millennium Falcon, helping blow up the Death Star in the film's exciting conclusion.

In this interview Mike talks about his work with the Jim Henson company and how to inspire new blood.
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In this interview for Sirius XM, Mike talks about his work on Return of the Jedi, how to pronounce Nien Nunb and hazards of flying the Millennium Falcon.
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Mike performed Uncle Traveling Matt in many UK and French Fraggle Rock episodes


Mike also played Gobo Fraggle in many UK and French Fraggle Rock episodes.


Mike played Riff in the Muppet music series The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.


Mike was the chief hand puppeteer on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Animators would draw over Mike's hand for weasels and such.


Three Scope Commercials (left)

In the mid 1990's, my company Ultimate Animates build and performed all the on camera puppet effects for these three commercials, shown in the USA. It's worth noting this was in the pioneering days of digital compositing.

The Slow Norris (right)

Also in the 1990's, Ultimate Animates designed, built and performed all characters for the first two seasons of this television children's series in the UK.

Heroes Of Comedy: Max Miller (left)

In the UK, Thames TV produced a series profiling comedy heroes in the UK. Wartime comedian Max Miller had lots of audio recordings but not so much available film, so the producer asked us to create a fairly realistic puppet of Max to mime to the audio recordings.
After the broadcast, many viewers wrote in to the station asking who the actor was!

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