This is the hub for QZ's Film, Television and Web production work, (excluding Games, which has its own page).

Some projects are in development, some in production and some are complete. There are also some high profile projects under wraps at this time.


Haunted In Hollywood
Famous People looking for Famous Phantoms in Famous Places.
Reality series in development.


Welcome Home Stan Laurel!
A very special documentary about the happiest day of Stan's life; his return to his home town a hero.


Do You Know Diddley Sqot?
Several series are in development using "QZimation", a new
Animation/Puppetry hybrid.


The Great Bong!
An original puppet series created by Mike's UK company.
26x11 minutes.


The Toad Lickers
Music video for Thomas Dolby's current album. QZ created all the puppet sequences.

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