60 minute Documentary (in development).

A very special film about what Stan Laurel himself described as the happiest day of his life. On a stage tour with Oliver Hardy in the UK just after the war in 1947, he proudly visited his beloved birthplace and home in Ulverston in England. He received a hero's welcome and was given a copy of his birth certificate on the balcony of the Coronation Hall, to the delight of the entire town.

This documentary contains first hand accounts of that very day. Highlights include rare and original 8mm footage taken by the family of Counsellor Simpson, himself seen in the footage welcoming Stan on the balcony, which explains the great close-ups in parts of the footage. This same original 8mm film was purchased by Mike Quinn from the family and restored specifically for this documentary.

Granada News, UK

To the left is a promo news segment Granada News in Manchester, UK did on the shooting of the documentary.

A short interview with Mike Quinn about Stan Laurel's visit is featured.
Here's a sneak peek at a small portion of the footage.

The first part shows Laurel and Hardy, their wives and assorted council people. If you watch closely you'll see Oliver give Stan a copy of his birth certificate.
We then see them all making their way through the townsfolk into their cars.
Next they are seen outside the Golf Hotel where they had lunch and lastly they are in their car headed back to their hotel.


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